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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G2101374-v2 GW astronomy at UBC and TRIUMF Jess McIver Reports
Data Analysis
28 Jun 2021
G2101355-v2 Gravitational Wave Astronomy Overview Jess McIver Detector
Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Compact Binaries
Data Analysis
28 Jun 2021
T2000470-v2 Glitch model for O3a catalog events LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
28 Oct 2020
G2001329-v1 LLO EQ Mode Study: alog Supplement Robert Beda et al. Seismic Isolation
01 Sep 2020
G2001012-v2 UBC update for GWANW Jess McIver Reports
29 Jun 2020
P1900004-v15 A guide to LIGO-Virgo detector noise and extraction of gravitational-wave signals LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Detector
Data Analysis
04 Dec 2019
T1900521-v2 LSC-Virgo Operations White Paper (Summer 2019 edition) David Shoemaker et al. Collaboration
Data quality / vetoes
Detector Characterization
27 Nov 2019
P1200040-v55 Seismic Isolation of Advanced LIGO: Review of Strategy, Instrumentation, and Performance (CQG 2015) Fabrice Matichard et al. Seismic Isolation
Basic R&D
03 Sep 2019
T1900568-v1 LIGO DetChar Code of Conduct Jess McIver et al. Detector Characterization
27 Aug 2019
P1900037-v7 Search for sub-solar mass ultracompact binaries in Advanced LIGO’s second observing run LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
18 Jun 2019
G1602355-v1 Simple interferometer layout schematic Jess McIver Detector
19 Jun 2019
P1900028-v4 Global strategies for gravitational wave astronomy Jess McIver et al. Reports
22 Apr 2019
G1802340-v2 The impact of LIGO noise transients on accurate gravitational-wave event skymaps Jess McIver et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Data quality / vetoes
Compact Binaries
Detector Characterization
Data Analysis
15 Apr 2019
T1800282-v1 Utilizing Machine Learning to Improve Searches for LIGO Sources Sarah McCarthy et al. Compact Binaries
Detector Characterization
Machine Learning
30 Mar 2019
P170817-v8 GW170817: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Neutron Star Inspiral LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
22 Nov 2018
G1801697-v1 Summary of DAWN-4 sessions Jess McIver et al. Meeting
31 Aug 2018
G1801667-v2 Progress on action items in the Dawn III report Jess McIver Meeting
30 Aug 2018
G1800649-v5 LIGO strain data and data quality Jess McIver et al. Detector Characterization
Data Analysis
25 Mar 2018
T1700198-v1 Online Detector Characterization using Neural Networks Roxana Popescu et al. Data and Computing
Sensing and Control
Seismic Isolation
State Control and Monitoring
Basic R&D
19 Feb 2018
T1700199-v3 Investigation of the impact of seismic noise on LIGO interferometer performance Rachel Brodsky et al. Detector
Compact Binaries
Detector Characterization
19 Feb 2018
P1600171-v11 Upper limits on the rates of binary neutron star and black-hole–neutron-star mergers from Advanced LIGO’s first observing run Ian Harry et al. Compact Binaries
08 Aug 2016
T1600159-v1 Noise hunting in Advanced LIGO Michael Antia et al. Detector Characterization
31 Oct 2016
G1601646-v3 Detector characterization: Lessons learned from O1 and preparing for O2 Jess McIver et al. Detector
Detector Characterization
19 Oct 2016
G1601664-v1 LIGO and the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy Jess McIver Detector
Public Talk / Colloquium
Data Analysis
20 Sep 2016
L1500110-v4 Data Quality Shift Policy Laura Nuttall et al. Detector Characterization
06 Jul 2016
P1500238-v24 Characterization of transient noise in Advanced LIGO relevant to gravitational wave signal GW150914 LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Detector Characterization
06 Jun 2016
T1600030-v2 LIGO-P1500238 figure images and data LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Data quality / vetoes
Detector Characterization
11 Feb 2016
P1500072-v3 The impact of terrestrial noise on the detectability and reconstruction of gravitational wave signals from core-collapse supernovae Jess McIver Seismic Isolation
GW Bursts
Detector Characterization
Data Analysis
30 Sep 2015
M1400285-v3 Anti-Harassment Guidelines of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Alicia M Sintes et al. Diversity
27 Apr 2015
P1500016-v1 Jumping in to research - the LIGO perspective Jess McIver Education, Outreach
27 Jan 2015
G1500061-v4 Laying a foundation for confident transient gravitational wave observation: characterizing the Advanced LIGO instruments Jess McIver Detector Characterization
20 Jan 2015
G1400823-v5 The road to Advanced LIGO's first observations Jess McIver Detector Characterization
21 Aug 2014
P1100120-v7 Data Quality Studies of Enhanced Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors Jess McIver Data quality / vetoes
17 Nov 2011
G1100691-v4 Data Quality Studies: Methods and Milestones Jess McIver et al. Detector Characterization
12 Jul 2011

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