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Rahul Kumar of LIGO - Hanford Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1101855-v3 aLIGO SUS L1 H1 HAM4 HSTS PRE INSTALLATION PLATE Sam Barnum et al. Input Optics
Final Design
18 Sep 2013
P1900245-v7 Characterization of systematic error in Advanced LIGO calibration Ling Sun et al. Calibration
11 Nov 2021
T1000239-v1 CO2 laser pulling machine for fabrication of fused silica suspension fibres Rahul Kumar Suspensions
09 Jul 2019
D1000759-v3 Advanced LIGO SUS ETM Production Monolithic Assembly Russell Jones et al. Assembly
Final Design
12 Jul 2016
G1300798-v1 Photographic and Ultra-Fast Video Imaging of Fracture of Pristine Silica Glass Fibers Kirill Tokmakov et al. Suspensions
26 Jul 2013
T1200046-v1 LIGO 3 Strawman Design, Team Red (public version) Stefan Hild et al. Basic R&D
31 Jan 2012
T1000345-v2 The Design of the IGR MKII Strength Testing Machine Russell Jones et al. Basic R&D
11 Oct 2011
G1100719-v1 Tools for GEO-600 test mass repair suspension. Kirill Tokmakov et al. Suspensions
10 Jul 2011
D1000008-v3 Fibre storage rack Giles Hammond et al. Preliminary Design
18 May 2010
T0900629-v2 Response to questions from the review panel on the Final Design Review of the ETM/ITM ears Giles Hammond et al. Final Design
17 Dec 2009
G0900507-v2 Overview of monolithic suspension work for Advanced LIGO Timothy Bodiya et al. Basic R&D
19 Jun 2009
T080326-v1 A Strategy to Prove and Provide Monolithic Suspensions Giles Hammond et al. Suspensions
20 Feb 2009
T080091-x0 Proposal for baseline change from ribbons to fibres in AdvLIGO test mass suspension monolithic stage Mark Barton et al. Document Migration
21 Apr 2008

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