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Final Design Document (FDD, FDR): Balanced Homodyne Detection (BHD) for A+

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T - Technical notes
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Final design for the O5 BHD system
See Section 4 for a general status update.
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Updates in v3 (In response to M2200200)
At FDR it has been proposed that plane-parallel windows are installed in new septum plates to facilitate initial alignment see Section 11 where the required material is described in outline. A note on this topic has been added to Section 13 to indicate the need to complete design and procurement of new septum plates, windows and related hardware.

Updates in v2 (in response to M2200192-v1)
Checked/added cross-references relating to deferred areas of ISC - see ISC entry in table of Section 4
Page numbers displayed
New Section 11 on preliminary plan for initial alignment
New Section 12 on known interfaces with BHSS
Link to M2000048 for scope of UK/US deliverables (see table immediately below).
Add note on baffles etc. that need to be revised for BHD and due to SRM rotation, see new subsections at end of Section 8.
Add design task for beam dumps on WFS36 sled on HAM6 to SolidWorks task table in Section 5.

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