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Gravitational Waves and LIGO: Opening New "Eyes" on the Universe

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06 Apr 2009, 10:51
Lecture notes to accompany seminar presented to the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute, Pittsburgh, PA.


Gravitational Waves
---Differences between Newtonian Gravity and General Relativity; prediction of GW
Sources of Gravitational Waves
---Production of GW
---Main types of GW:
------Continuous GW
------Inspiral GW
------Burst GW
------Stochastic GW
Detecting Gravitational Waves
---Effects of GW on space
---IFO introduction and LIGO
The Interferometer
---Basic IFO design
---Environmental noise
---IFO enhancements from basic design
------Seismic isolation
The Potential of Gravitational Waves
---GW astronomy advantages over traditional EM astronomy
---Questions GW astronomy may answer
For Further Information
------"Einstein's Unfinished Symphony" by Marcia Bartusiak
------Einstein@Home website
------"Einstein's Messengers" by the NSF
------"Gravity: Making Waves" by the American Museum of Natural History
------Amber Stuver (

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