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Intro to Control Theory for LIGO People

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A short series of lectures introducing controls, following some basic examples largely from the HAM-ISI.
This was put together for a visit to INPE in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

The main files are the PDFs of the slides, with the lecture notes. The powerpoint version, PDFs without the lecture notes, and Matlab examples are in the other files.


Lecture 1: Intro and Modeling
- Part 1: Introduction to controls
- Part 2: System modeling

Lecture 2: Basic Control Design
- Part 1: Feedforward
- Part 2: Feedback
- Part 3: Sensor Blending

Lecture 3: Digital Control
- Part 1: Sampling
- Part 2: The LIGO user interfaces
- Part 3: Time and frequency domain for digital systems

Future lectures could pursue topics like system identification or more advanced techniques such as: estimators, LQR, LQG, Rana's particle swarm method, Wiener filtering.

The attached Matlab examples follow the lectures. There are 7 files. The last 3 are supporting functions of the first 4:
- HAM_ISI_Example_Lecture1.m
- HAM_ISI_Example_Lecture2.m
- BlendFilter_Example_Lecture2.m
- Sampling_Lecture3.m
- fft_response.m, a supporting function for HAM_ISI_Example_Lecture1.m.
- asd2.m, a supporting function for Sampling_Lecture3.m
- asd.m, a supporting function for asd2.m.

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v3 - Added lecture 3 and added speaking notes to all lectures to explain what each slide is showing. The powerpoint version is also included here.

v2 - Added lecture 2 and lecture 2 Matlab examples. The Matlab examples have been collected in a zip file. Made some corrections to lecture 1 slides and matlab examples.

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