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Advanced LIGO residual gas estimate

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E - Engineering documents
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Estimated outgassing loads from vessels and detector components and pumped equilibrium partial pressures
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v5: D.Coyne 9/25/2010 added Suspension MasterBond EP30-2 adhesive bonds

pending: Torrie/Sanchez/Appert working on shared version - see THIS LINK (must request access from Calum)

input data (also pending): RGA on black coatings
Examples of RGAs on each black coating that we added after O2:
1) RGA black nickel made by Anoplate (IR black - SLIC baffles)
2) Recent black nickel bake (OFI shroud panels)
3) RGA black nickel made by Shefieldplaters (UV black - chevron baffle)
4) RGA SLIC baffles by Richter (corner baffles)
5) RGA SLIC baffles by Duralar (corner baffles and end stations )

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