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Generic Requirements & Standards for Detector Subsystems

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29 Jan 2010, 16:47
13 May 2009, 11:44
The intent of this document is to provide a common set of guidelines, standards and requirements for the LIGO Detector (science instrument). Since this document has been written after the Initial LIGO construction phase, it applies to new designs (Advanced LIGO (AL) and Initial LIGO (IL) upgrades) but is not retroactive in scope. The scope of this document is principally on the engineering and implementation requirements and not the performance requirements.
Each AL Detector subsystem, or major IL upgrade project, should write a set of requirements which call out the provisions in this document which apply, or state how and why a deviation from these requirements is needed.
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approved by D. Coyne 1/4/2012

Needs revision to cite newer detailed requirements documents such as E0900364

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