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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G2201732-v1 Updates on Status of Higher-Order Mode Ring Heater - SYS Call Huy-Tuong Cao et al. A+
Core Optics
Basic R&D
24 Jul 2023
G2300624-v1 Post-O5 thermal model: A# TCS requirement Huy-Tuong Cao et al. Modelling
Core Optics
Sensing and Control
24 Jul 2023
M2200050-v3 Proposal for ADTR funds to provide LIGO Lab support for UCR development of a Front Surface Ring Heater Aidan Brooks et al. Auxiliary Optics
24 Jul 2023
E2000296-x0 40m BHD Optics (Document Sub-Tree) Jonathan Richardson Detector
Auxiliary Optics
06 Jun 2023
T2200206-v6 A Calibrated Blackbody Source for Testing Next-Generation Wavefront Actuators Phoebe Zyla et al. Basic R&D
24 Sep 2022
T2200207-v3 Identifying Witnesses to LIGO Glitches Using Auxiliary Channels Luis Bariuan et al. Machine Learning
20 Sep 2022
T2200205-v6 Developing an In-Air IR Test Facility for Next-Generation Wavefront Control Cassidy Nicks et al. Basic R&D
13 Sep 2022
G2200399-v1 Active Wavefront Control for Megawatt Arm Power Jonathan Richardson et al. Core Optics
Basic R&D
01 Apr 2022
T2100160-v1 Optimal State-Space Estimation of Interferometer Mode-Matching Mark Nguyen et al. Core Optics
State Control and Monitoring
23 Mar 2022
T2000338-v1 Minimising the Effect of Mirror Perturbations on Quantum Decoherence Swadha Pandey et al. Basic R&D
27 Mar 2021
E2000229-v2 40m BHD Optics: 1" Pickoff Mirror Jonathan Richardson Core Optics
03 Jun 2020
E2000228-v2 40m BHD Optics: 1" Relay Mirrors Jonathan Richardson Auxiliary Optics
03 Jun 2020
E2000227-v2 40m BHD Optics: 2" 50:50 Beamsplitters Jonathan Richardson Auxiliary Optics
03 Jun 2020
E2000226-v2 40m BHD Optics: 2" Relay Mirrors Jonathan Richardson Auxiliary Optics
03 Jun 2020
T1900377-v1 Mitigating LIGO Point Absorbers with High-Order Thermal Compensation Edita Bytyqi et al. Core Optics
01 Mar 2020
T1800280-v2 Design and Testing of Composite Mirror Adaptive Optics Aria Chaderjian et al. Basic R&D
Auxiliary Optics
25 Mar 2019

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