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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P1600143-v18 Exploring the Sensitivity of Next Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors Matthew Evans et al. Detector
07 Mar 2023
G1401111-v1 Newtonian Noise, Surface and Underground Jan Harms Basic R&D
03 Oct 2019
G0900632-v1 Underground Seismic Measurements Jan Harms Meeting
30 Jul 2019
P1800130-v2 Improving earthquake monitoring for gravitational-wave detectors with historical seismic data Sky Soltero et al. Seismic Isolation
30 Mar 2019
G1800951-v5 Implications of dedicated seismometer measurements on Newtonian-noise cancellation for Advanced LIGO Michael Coughlin et al. Detector Characterization
31 Aug 2018
T1500320-v2 Advanced interferometers strategy on earthquake pertubations Sebastien Biscans et al. Seismic Isolation
20 Oct 2016
T1500224-v1 Seismic spectral analysis; LHO/LLO LVEA 2009/2010 Jan Harms Seismic Isolation
Basic R&D
Detector Characterization
05 Oct 2016
G1600956-v1 Alternative Seismic Sensors for NN Cancellation Jan Harms Basic R&D
25 Apr 2016
G1500732-v1 Output filtering Jan Harms Public Talk / Colloquium
Basic R&D
02 Jun 2015
G1401163-v1 Newtonian noise models for the Einstein Telescope Jan Harms Basic R&D
25 Sep 2014
G1400987-v3 How to Design your Favorite Gravity Perturbations Jan Harms Basic R&D
26 Aug 2014
G1200634-v1 Scatter Loss in Quantum‐Noise Filter Cavities Jan Harms Detector
04 Jun 2012
G1200252-v1 Scatter Loss in Quantum‐Noise Filter Cavities Jan Harms Basic R&D
19 Mar 2012
T1200046-v1 LIGO 3 Strawman Design, Team Red (public version) Stefan Hild et al. Basic R&D
31 Jan 2012
T1100626-v1 Notes on atom interferometry for LIGO enthusiasts Jan Harms Basic R&D
16 Dec 2011
G1100577-v1 An updated crash course in Newtonian noise Jan Harms Basic R&D
28 Nov 2011
T1100237-v1 Results of Phase 1 Newtonian Noise Measurements at the LIGO Sites, February-March 2011 Jenne Driggers et al. Basic R&D
25 Apr 2011
T1000711-v1 Seismometers and the Insulation Box Greg Vansuch et al. Reports
23 Dec 2010
T1000710-v1 Subtraction of Newtonian Noise Greg Vansuch et al. Reports
23 Dec 2010
T1000745-v1 Constructing the Seismometer Greg Vansuch et al. Reports
23 Dec 2010
G1000995-x0 Newtonian gravity perturbations A new noise source in future generation gravitational-wave detectors Jan Harms Basic R&D
15 Oct 2010
G1000673-v3 Speculations about Newtonian-Noise Filtering Jan Harms Basic R&D
07 Jul 2010
G1000648-v1 Lecture on Fundamental Noise Sources in GW Detectors Jan Harms Education, Outreach
21 Jun 2010
G1000557-v1 Future challenges of Newtonian noise filtering Jan Harms Basic R&D
31 May 2010
G0900736-v1 Construction of a Seismic Array at the Former Homestake Mine Jan Harms Basic R&D
18 Aug 2009
G0900212-v2 Status Report from Homestake Jan Harms Meeting
19 Mar 2009
T0900112-v1 Seismic studies at the Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota Vuk Mandic et al. Basic R&D
15 Mar 2009
T080344-x0 Seismic stations implementation and improvements at Homestake Fausto Acernese et al. Document Migration
15 Dec 2008
T080317-x0 Impact of Seismic Survey using Explosive Charges on the LIGO LIvingston Interferometer Jan Harms et al. Document Migration
05 Nov 2008
G080562-x0 Characterization of Rock vibrations at the Homestake mine Riccardo DeSalvo et al. Document Migration
09 Oct 2008
G080475-x0 Activities in the Homestake mine Riccardo DeSalvo et al. Document Migration
23 Sep 2008
G070757-x0 TDI Network Simulation - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting, October 22-25 2007, Hannover Germany Jan Harms Document Migration
31 Oct 2007
G030220-x0 Squeezed Light Enhanced Michelson Interferometer - Aspen Conference 2003 Simon Chelkowski et al. Document Migration
21 Apr 2003

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