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Cristina Torres of LIGO - Livingston Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
M1400285-v3 Anti-Harassment Guidelines of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Alicia M Sintes et al. Policies
27 Apr 2015
M1300501-v2 Best Practices for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Neil Gehrels et al. Diversity
05 Dec 2013
M1300484-v1 LSC Diversity Statement Lynn Cominsky et al. Diversity
24 Oct 2013
G1201267-v1 Capitalizing on GW polarization bias for a pair of interferometric detectors to increase parameter estimation speed and the potential implications for cosmological models. Amber Stuver et al. Other data analysis
GW source predictions
19 Dec 2012
G1201266-v1 Smoke, Mirrors, Big Bangs And Big Scientific Payoffs: An outline for using an interferometer network to conduct astronomy. Cristina Torres et al. Detector
Education, Outreach
Public Talk / Colloquium
Data Analysis
Basic R&D
13 Dec 2012
G1200139-v3 Advanced LIGO: The Next Generation of Gravitational Wave Observatories Cristina Torres et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
22 Mar 2012
G1100929-v3 Astronomy in a 4-D Universe Gravitational Waves: What Are They and How Do We Find Them? Cristina Torres Detector
Education, Outreach
Public relations
Data Analysis
13 Sep 2011
D1101223-v1 eLIGO PSL Diagram Joseph Iafrate et al. Detector Characterization
Data Analysis
28 Jun 2011
P080059-x0 Gravitational-wave Astronomy: Opening a New Window on the Universe for Students, Educators and the Public Dennis Ugolini et al. Document Migration
Education, Outreach
Public relations
17 Nov 2009
G040348-x0 Tracksearch Update - LSC Meeting, August 16th-19th, 2004, Hanford WA Cristina Torres Document Migration
20 Aug 2004
G030579-x0 Tracksearch - A Time Frequency Method for Gravitational Wave Data Analysis - LSC Meeting, November 10th - 13th, Hanford WA Cristina Torres Document Migration
14 Nov 2003
T020166-x0 Detecting a Stochastic Background of Gravitational Radiation - Background Information Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
29 Jan 2003
G020376-x0 Stochastic Upper Limit Group E7 Report - LSC Meeting, August 19th - 22nd, Hanford WA Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
21 Aug 2002
T020115-x0 Stochastic Sources Upper Limit Group E7 Report Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
19 Aug 2002

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