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LHO Witness plate wafer BSC2 Oct 15, 2013

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T - Technical notes
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APR 12, '13 FC cleaning of BS
APR 12, '13 - witness plates set
AOS - steering mirror assy/periscope/baffle aligment, SEI CPS change
APR 24, '13 spool on
APR 27, '13 pump down

OCT 7, '13 1pm vented volume
OCT 8-9, '13 door off, intense AOS elliptical baffle work in chamber over witness plate
OCT 15, '13 Pulled witness plate to send to CIT

This plate looks much dirtier than BSC1 plate T1300874 - but it has also seen ~2 weeks of accumulated in-chamber assembly while the other plate has not.

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version 1 includes count on new setup (jan / feb 2014 cit). Large image and excel count data. MP and CiT. (This one was not counted on previous setup.)
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