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LHO Witness plate wafer BSC1 Oct 15, 2013

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T - Technical notes
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FRI FEB 1,'13 Placed WP, no activity other than door on that day or following MON

Work in adjacent BSC2 continued for ~ 3 months, until...

APR 27, '13 Pump down (had to wait for all chambers to be closed before pumping)

TUE OCT 7, '13 1pm vented volume
WED OCT 8, '13 door off, AOS elliptical baffle work in nearby BSC2
TUE OCT 15, '13 Pulled witness plate to send to CIT

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version 1 includes count on new setup (jan / feb 2014 cit). Large image and excel count data. MP and CiT. (This one was not counted on previous setup.)

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