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LHO BS/FM NdFeB Nickel Plated magnet measurements

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T - Technical notes
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151 of the received BS/FM Nickel Plated NdFeB magnets were measured for strength using an FW Bell 5180 and a custom TFE magnet holder built by Gary Traylor to hold a 10mm x 10mm magnet.

The numbers:
Andres measured the magnets from both ends, recording both a + and a - value for each magnet. The batches are simply the stacks of 10 which were wrapped individually as they were received from clean and bake.
Magnets were measured post-bake.
The numbers are in kGauss.

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The file "T1000669-v2_with calcs", added by Norna, shows the max, min and average values and the spread (max-min)/average. For this sample the spread is 2.9%.
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