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E - Engineering documents
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01 Jun 2012, 09:39
This is a top level entry for linking to a organized, branching document tree related to the Advanced LIGO System.

All of the documents will be linked into the tree structure using the DCC "related documents" and "referenced by" features. Finding a document by exploring the tree linkage by pathing through the tree is a bit like an ant exploring each twig of a large oak tree -- the ant can get lost and spend a lot of time back-tracking. This is why we intend to provide a linked version of the visio sketch of the Systems document tree as a document at the base of the tree. Please bear in mind that this linked visio drawing is intended to only go to twigs (structure only) and not leaves (all documents) so that it is manageable and so one has a readable map not too cluttered with details. Also bear in mind that this is only for Systems Engineering, not all documents for all subsystems.

The excel file is intended to collect the assignments of who has to do what to complete the Systems documents; It is not intended to persist forever, nor is it intended to be hyperlinked.

Notes and Changes:
See the file "System Document Tree Structure" for a graphical representation.

Note: There are a few minor name changes and doc tree structure changes to be made to this graphical representation to be consistent with the DCC linked structure.

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DCC Version 3.4.3, contact Document Database Administrators