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Proof Test Levels for Advanced LIGO Viewports

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08 Jun 2018, 17:31
Inert environment, proof testing is required for all brittle, non-metallic materials on the vacuum envelope. This document defines the proof test levels for all of the Advanced LIGO viewports.
Notes and Changes:
At the time that the -v1 version was written, the designs for the PSL high power viewports (D1101670, non-wedged and D1101714, wedged) were not available. In this version (-v2) the proof test levels for these two PSL high power viewports are included. The proof test levels are the same as for the AOS high quality viewports (D1100999, non-wedged and D1101000, wedged) since they share the same window and flange design.
approved by Dennis Coyne, 9/10/2012

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