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Relay for Powering the RF stage of a Low Noise VCO

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Remote controlled relay for power to RF stages in low noise VCO.
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ISC Low Noise VCO
Notes and Changes:
- Add standoffs as shown in above pic.
- Use 3 female-female and 1 male-female standoffs.
- F/f standoffs require #6-5/16 screws through mounting plate.
- M/f standoff uses chassis insert.
- Mount PCB as shown in above pic using 4 #6-3/16 screws.
- Connect flat-ribbon cables as shown.
- VCO relay board in between rear board and VCO source.

How to test:
- Use the VCO test rig D1100545.
- The excitation enable switch in principle will toggle the relay.
- However, a pull-up resistor of 1K needs to be added first between the open pin of the EXCEN_S switch and VCC (e.g., VCC pin of close-by LED)
- Turn both front panel power switches on (the two to the right).
- Toggle the relay and make sure the LEDs turn off.
- Check the readback by probing the voltage between pins 12/25 on the read DB25.
- It should be -6V for the most right switch, and -3V for the middle switch, and all combinations.

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