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Tooling for the ETM Transmission Monitor System (TMS)

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D - Drawings
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07 Sep 2012, 10:47
23 Mar 2012, 16:21
aLIGO TMS Assembly Tooling - Alignment Tooling - Installation Tooling

Refer To: T1100304 for Assembly and alignment Documentation

Notes and Changes:
Added note 6 also changed the item #28 to show D1002097
added auto-collimator sleeve note
and protective cover assembly number note
and rt and left hand assembly note

Please also refer to the following which are linked below BUT not currently called out on tooling PDF above: -
LIGO-D1300248: aLigo TMS Swing Stop
LIGO-D1101307: TOOLING LAYOUT-aLIGO TMS Telescope Cartridge lift Safety Supports

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