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Flange Layout – L1 Beam Splitter Chamber 5 (BSC5) ETMY

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D - Drawings
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This layout shows the flange type (A, B, C etc) used for the BS chambers their position relative to the chamber and the connectors. It also lists the equipment that passes through each flange.

1) For aid with orientation of chamber and location of flanges on chamber, refer to AdvLIGO VE HAM4-H1, Vacuum Equipment Assembly, LIGO-D0901126

2) For a Summary of electrical feedthrough types and typical sub-flanges refer to LIGO-D1101775: aLIGO, ELECTRICAL FEEDTHROUGH TYPES, TYPICAL SUBFLANGES, AND PORT CONFIGURATIONS

3) Refer to LIGO-D1002892 (linked below) for the Flange Master Listing Summary

flange BSC
Notes and Changes:
Update E flange model, Update E flange listing, Update flange summary.

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