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Common Mode Servo Block Diagram

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D - Drawings
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Block diagrams for the common mode servo and input mode cleaner servo, as given in the schematic D040180, rev E.
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  • CM Servo (CMServoBlockDiagramE.pdf, 105.2 kB)
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aLIGO ISC Electronics
Notes and Changes:
v3 updated for rev E of D040180:
- added sign switch to each input
- indicated that Exc B is switchable between Fast and Slow paths
- swapped the order of the compensation and boost in the slow path

v4: minor corrections to v3

v5: made an extra diagram for the imc servo, from original cm servo diagram
- generic filter replaced by comm comp 2
- high passes in fast path replaced with 'p/z = 140kHz/70kHz'
- 100kHz low pass to 2kHz low pass in slow path
Edited the original common mode servo diagram
- included the switching logic

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