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Francisco Carcoba of LIGO - California Institute of Technology is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T2200173-v1 Frequency Stabilization for Auxilliary Lasers in the 40m Deeksha Sabhari et al. Basic R&D
10 Mar 2023
T2200172-v3 Actively Monitoring and Increasing Stability of the Auxiliary Laser Controls Cecilia Hanna et al. Basic R&D
14 Dec 2022
E2100222-v10 Specification: Silicon Test Mass HR/AR Coatings, 40m Mariner phase I (ITM & ETM) Francisco Carcoba et al. Core Optics
23 Aug 2021
T2100239-v1 Low-noise Nonlinear Cavity for Cryogenic Interferometers Rahaf Youssef et al. Basic R&D
23 Mar 2022
T2100238-v3 Red Pitaya Digital Laser Controller Osama Elgabori et al. Basic R&D
23 Mar 2022
G2101278-v1 Mariner: LIGO Voyager Prototype at the Caltech 40 m Lab (GWADW June-2021) Christopher Wipf et al. Basic R&D
15 Sep 2021

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