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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1900409-v5 Instrument Science White Paper 2019 Brian Lantz et al. Installation
Basic R&D
06 Nov 2019
T1800133-v4 Instrument Science White Paper 2018 Brian Lantz et al. Basic R&D
26 Jun 2018
G1702195-v1 Ion beam sputtering of thin films and multilayers for aLIGO Carmen Menoni Assembly
15 Nov 2017
G1702189-v1 CCR Intro and Welcome Martin Fejer Basic R&D
15 Nov 2017
G1702197-v4 Ideality and Tunneling Level Systems (TLS) in Amorphous (a)-Si, a-Si:H, and a-Ta2O5 Films Riccardo Bassiri Basic R&D
15 Nov 2017
G1702166-v1 Modelling/ Atomic Structure Riccardo Bassiri et al. Basic R&D
15 Nov 2017
G1701225-v3 Shear and Bulk Mechanical Loss in Titania-Doped Tantala Gregg Harry et al. Public Talk / Colloquium
11 Jul 2017
G1200620-v1 Investigating coating material properties for future generations of gravitational wave detectors Riccardo Bassiri Detector
01 Jun 2012
P0900079-v2 Probing the atomic structure of amorphous Ta2O5 mirror coatings for advanced gravitational wave detectors using transmission electron microscopy James Hough et al. Basic R&D
07 Jul 2009
G0900581-v1 Transmission electron microscopy of mirror coatings for advanced and future gravitational wave detectors James Hough et al. Basic R&D
19 Jun 2009
G080314-x0 The Mechanical Loss of Thin-Film Hafnia as a Function of Temperature Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
29 May 2008
G080313-x0 Low temperature dissipation in tantala and silica films Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
29 May 2008
G080048-x0 Low temperature dissipation in coating materials Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
28 Feb 2008

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