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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1101367-v2 L1-MC3 Optic Assembly Janeen Romie et al. Installation
23 Jan 2018
G1701225-v3 Shear and Bulk Mechanical Loss in Titania-Doped Tantala Gregg Harry et al. Public Talk / Colloquium
11 Jul 2017
E1100540-v1 PSL Testing: Laser Diodes and control OBS2 Maik Frede et al. Laser Systems
Subsystem Test
21 Sep 2016
T1500327-v5 Scaling of Thermal Noise Measurements Matthew Abernathy et al. Basic R&D
20 Jul 2016
T1400334-v1 Proposal, intermediate, Final reports of the SURF project for Samuel Moore Koji Arai et al. Basic R&D
Sensing and Control
24 Nov 2015
G1300321-v1 Nanometer-layered SiO2::TiO2 Mixtures for High Reflectance/Low Noise Coatings Status Update Matthew Abernathy et al. Basic R&D
01 Nov 2014
G1300838-v1 Calibration of Nanoindentation Data Elaine Rhoades et al. Basic R&D
09 Sep 2014
T1300472-v1 Design of a coating-less reference cavity with total internal reflection Deep Chaterjee et al. Basic R&D
31 Aug 2014
T1400225-v1 Modeling mirror shape to reduce substrate Brownian Noise in interferometric gravitational wave detectors Emory Brown et al. Core Optics
31 Aug 2014
G1400154-v1 Mechanical Loss Measurements of Coated Substrates for Gravitational Wave Interferometry Gregg Harry et al. Basic R&D
28 Feb 2014
D1100075-v3 SLC ACB ENAMEL HANGING FIXTURE ASSY Niem Nguyen et al. Basic R&D
Auxiliary Optics
10 Aug 2012
D1100458-v4 SLC ACB BOTTOM EXTENDER Niem Nguyen Modelling
Auxiliary Optics
23 Nov 2011
G060670-x0 Effect of Temperature on Coating Thermal Noise in Advanced LIGO- 9th Eastern Gravity Meeting 2006 Matthew Abernathy et al. Document Migration
17 Jan 2007
G050370-x0 Last Coating Q Measurements at MIT - LSC Meeting, August 14th - 17th, Hanford WA Matthew Abernathy et al. Document Migration
16 Aug 2005

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