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Report of the LSC Post-O5 Study Group

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T - Technical notes
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Report for the LSC from the study group assigned to explore options for LIGO detector upgrades after O5.
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Main changes for v2:

1. The baseline upgrade recommendation, A#, now includes a reduction
in coating thermal noise (beyond the target A+ level). The baseline
A# strain noise curve uses the thermal noise projected for GaAs/AlGaAs
crystalline coatings, though the report leaves open what the actual
coating solution would be.

2. With the change in the baseline A#, and some changes to the Voyager
design, the collection of interferometer designs used to generate the
science metrics has changed.

3. Section 6.3 has been simplified, and the technical issue it raises
(thermal distortion effects and compensation) will be detailed in a
separate technical report.

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