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Procedure for optimizing output power of Pcal 1047 nm 2-W CrystaLaser YLF lasers

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The following procedure is an excerpt from email exchanges with Jerry Ni of CrystaLaser. To execute it for the Pcal lasers operating at the observatory end stations, one need to remove the top cover of the ALIGO PCAL AOM DRIVER AND LASER POWER SUPPLY MODULE (LIGO-T1500030).
I understand the following items from our discussion regarding tuning the power supplies for different laser heads.

1. All of the lasers should be operating at about the same current and temperature, so only small adjustments should be required.
2. Potentiometer W1 controls the pump diode temperature; turning it clockwise increases the temperature.
3. Potentiometer W3 controls the pump diode current; turning it clockwise increases the current.
4. When connecting a new power supply to a laser head, the following procedure should be followed:
a. While monitoring the output power, first adjust W1 slightly to peak the output power
b. Second, adjust W3 to adjust the output power.

Repeat steps a. and b. to optimize.

The nominal operating level should be 2.0 W.

See photo in attached file for potentiometer identification.

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