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CWB Optimization for GW Signal Waveform Reconstruction Stage

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T - Technical notes
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2017 LIGO SURF project by Yangi Gu.

CWB identifies transient gravitational wave (GW) events, from a broad range of generic transient signals and determines which events could be considered significant above a certain level of standard deviation. Events are tagged with likelihood a value that ranks their probability of being a gravitational-wave signal. The significance of an event with given likelihood, is determined by a background rate—the rate at which detector noise produces events with a likelihood value equal to or higher than the candidate event. The bulk of compute time in the CWB pipeline is consumed by estimating these background rates, where time-frequency analysis and time-shift analysis over 10s of thousands of sky locations are performed.

The aim of this SURF project is to understand and address cause(s) for a section of CWB known to be computationally time consuming, a probable candidate for porting to execution on a GPU or Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture.

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