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General ISCT assembly procedures

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Rudimentary procedures used for assembly of the in-air ISC optics tables (ISCT1, ISCT6, ISCTEX, ISCTEY). This is the procedure used at LHO. For ISCTEX & ISCTEY, see also the laser SOP listed under related documents.
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Tables: Newport RS4000, 4'x'8'x 12"
Rigid Supports: Newport NN4-28-TC; these supports seem to be obsolete. Here are some photos from LHO:

You see we have added cylindrical aluminum spacers between the table and the supports. They are 3" thick,
and bring the table top surface height to about 43". (28" supports, 12" top, 3" spacer). If I recall
correctly, these spacers were added after the fact to compensate for the chamber viewport heights not
being as expected. This is not the case at LLO, though, where no spacers have been added. There the
table height is 40" (top surface).

These supports have tie-bars, and casters attached to the tie-bars. The casters make moving the table
convenient. The tie-bars can also be used to mount equipment under the table.

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