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Summary of Suspension Final Design Reviews

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T - Technical notes
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Summary of Suspension Final Design Reviews

For fuller info on how actions have been completed, please refer to companion document T1200492, "Notes on Completion of Actions from SUS FDRs", linked under related docs.

Note - all items are now closed. 9th April 2014 (NAR)

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Notes and Changes:
v1 give basic list with references.
Still to do - check through all reports to see if actions have been completed.
v2 contains a few more document references
v3 has status of checking as of 9 Nov 2012
v4 edited an entry, 9 Nov 2012
v5 is updated as of 20 Nov 2012
v6 is updated as of 25 Nov 2012
v7 is updated as of 18 Dec 2012. Four more reviews of electronics have been added thanks to information from Vern Sandberg. Total is now 26 reviews. There are 6 which are still marked as open (in red), being pursued.
v8 contains update to item 12, 6 Feb 2013
v9 has items 12,14 updated and closed. April 2013
v10 has item 13 updated and closed, 23 April 2013
v11 updated document entry reference for item 14 to version 10 of T1100593
v12 action 4 now reported as completed. Note has been added to companion doc T1200492 to close the outstanding action.
v13 (25 Feb 2014) Action 7 now reported as completed except for ongoing work on cross-coupling related to interferometer controls.
Action 5 updated (some items closed, others being addressed)
v14. All items now closed. 9th April 2014
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