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Charging of the test mass due to electric field of ESD and effect of charging on interaction of the test mass with ESD.

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T - Technical notes
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These notes are the addition to our paper “Space charge polarization in fused silica test masses of gravitational wave detector associated with the electrostatic drive” which has a LIGO document number P1000077-v2 and will be published in CQG. The notes present results of measurements of the charge accumulation on the suspended fused silica cylinder (pendulum) under the electric field of the ESD model. In order to promptly build up large charge on the cylinder end face we used the pumping down of the vacuum chamber with the pendulum while the high voltage to the ESD was left. The additional measurements have shown that in this case large charge is a result of electrical breakdown in rarefied air. We explored the interaction between the ESD and the pendulum measuring the variation of the pendulum natural frequency caused by this interaction.
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