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Mathematica model of BS suspension (triple model cases 20081113bsZZ and 20081113bsNWZZ)

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This submission has the model files for two related cases of the Mathematica triple model corresponding to the Matlab model of the baseline BS suspension of T1000271-v1/T040027-v2.

Case 20081113bsZZ (summarized in the 'main' file) includes the intended 0.05 horizontal wedge. Case 20081113bsNWZZ has no wedge and is included for comparison with the Matlab, which does not support wedged optics). Its summary file can be found in the subdirectory within the archive.

As indicated by the 'ZZ', both models predate the discovery of the thermal noise code bug described in T0900320 but have been recalculated with the correct algorithm.

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