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LIGO Concepts Self Awareness Assessments

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Self Awareness assessments are used in the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum blackline masters to allow students to establish their knowledge level on topics before and after a lesson. These activities are effective for teachers by diagnosing topics that need to be reinforced during the lesson and for students by measuring new knowledge gained. These activities are meant to enrich a lesson and not to be graded (other than for completion).


Process Skills
Scientific Method
Metric System
Sound and Waves
Gravity and Relativity


For the following concepts about , check the box if you are not confident in your understanding of the concept, the check mark box if you feel you have some knowledge about the concept or the + box if you are confident enough about the concept that you would feel comfortable explaining it to someone else. Then try to give examples and a definition of the concept. Feel free to make guesses if you are unsure.

We will do this activity before and after we explore the concepts to see how our under-standing develops.

assessment activity

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