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Interference Concepts in the LIGO Science Education Center (SEC)

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15 Apr 2009, 11:20
This document discusses interference, the different types of interference and the ways to demonstrate interference at the SEC. Each major concept (direct interference, thin-film interference and diffraction) is introduced and then followed by descriptions of demonstrations (in classroom, exhibit or other) that illustrate the concept. The each demonstration description contains an overview of the activity/exhibit and more depth on the details of the concept.


Interference (Direct)
----Concept Introduction
----Exhibit: Giant Slinky
----Exhibit: Interferometer
Thin-film Interference
----Concept Introduction
----Classroom Activity: Permanent Oil Slicks
----Exhibit: Soap Film Painting
----Concept Introduction
----Exhibit: Interference
----Exhibit: Long Path Diffraction
----Other Demonstrations of Diffraction Interference Patterns: Spectrometer
----Other Demonstrations of Diffraction Interference Patterns: CDs and DVDs

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