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ALIGO NP-type: - Report on bonding Viton stops, magnet holders and break-off prisms at LASTI

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13 Jul 2010, 06:40
From the 16th till the 19th of September 2008 the fourth and final bonding exercise was done at LASTI in preparation for welding in fibers and suspending the NP-type masses as part of the ALIGO ETM/ITM noise prototype activity. This exercise involved glueing steel break-offs to the Compensator Plate (CP), glueing Viton earthquake stops to the CP, glueing steel rings to the magnet flags and glueing magnet bases to the 2nd Penultimate Mass (2nd PM).
Preceding bonding exercises were done from 27th 31st August 2007, 10th 15th December 2007 and 11th 17th February 2008 during which ears were bonded to the penultimate masses and the test mass. Reports of these exercises have references T070223-00-D and T070305-00-D, T080041- 01-K.
This document reports on this 4th exercise.
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