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Core Optics Components (COC) Design Requirements Document (DRD)

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This Design Requirements Document (DRD) for the Core Optics Components (COC) subsystem identifies the information necessary to define the COC subsystem and quantify its relationship to other LIGO subsystems. Requirements, formally flowing down from the Systems (SYS) task, are
stated to provide a full description of the COC and their optical and physical properties. As of this draft, COC will limit interferometer performance at the detector’s most sensitive range due to thermal noise in the coatings. Models indicate that COC will also limit detector sensitivity at high frequency due to power lost in the arm cavities by imperfect optics. As such, it is the goal of COC
to provide the best optics obtainable within reasonable fiscal constraints.
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COC FDR Requirements DRD
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This is the version of the COC DRD presented at the time of the Final Design Review.
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- Full document number: LIGO-T000127-01-D
- Author(s): Garilynn Billingsley; Gregg Harry; Bill Kells
- Document date: 2004-06-20
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- Author(s): Garilynn Billingsley; Gregg Harry; Bill Kells
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- Document entry date: 2004-01-12

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