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LHO HEPI L4C Acceptance Testing Data

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Huddle tested L4C's to reference L4C's in thermal isolation. Reference L4C's huddle tested with STS2 on LVEA floor.
Used SR785 with 125mHz to 25Hz FFT dual Channel 8s acquisition time.

The STS2 has a sensitivity of 1500V*sec/m, L4C 275V*sec/m and gain of 20 from the STS2 rack.
The combined gain of 109 is used in scaling the huddled STS2 and L4C.
Spreadsheet magnitudes are complex numbers for future analysis if needed.

Update May 2011: Transfer function from Frequency response setting on SR785. Graph of several together. Reference L4C on Channel 1 of SR785. Non reference L4C on CH2 of SR785.

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