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Sky localization probability maps (skymaps) release for GWTC-1

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24 Jun 2019, 02:56
21 Jun 2019, 08:41
20 Dec 2018, 14:31
As an accompaniment to "GWTC-1: A Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog of Compact Binary Mergers Observed by LIGO and Virgo during the First and Second Observing Runs", this page contains the associated data release for the sky maps in HEALPix/FITS format.

NOTE: Prior to 21 June 2019, the PE samples from which these FITS files were derived for a fraction of events suffered from an issue with the application of priors for spin parameters and a slight normalization issue. We have verified that none of the results are meaningfully impacted, but we recommend that any results using the previously released FITS files be reanalyzed using the corrected FITS files, which were posted to this page on 21 June 2019.

Notes and Changes:
Fixed OBJECT field in GW170809_skymap.fits.gz, Feb 12, 2020.
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