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LOSC GEO data products (HDF5, GWF and TXT.GZ) for GW170817

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LOSC GEO data products (HDF5, GWF and TXT.GZ) for GW170817.

Below are links to strain h(t) time series centered at GPS 1187008882.

The data were obtained using gwpy with the "get" method of TimeSeries using as frame type G1_RDS_C01_L3 and as channel G1:DER_DATA_H. To retrieve the segments of data the DataQualityFlag.query method have been used with G1:GEO-UP:1 as channel. Notice that at the time of the event (1187008882) the detector was UP but not in science mode due to Software maintenance. For the data quality bit it is assumed that there were no injections the whole time. The data are considered present (so the DATA flag is set to 1) when the detector is UP. Analogously the BURST and CBC CAT1,CAT2,CAT3 are assumed 1 when the detector is up otherwise 0.

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