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Evaluating the efficacy of educational games in promoting interest and understanding of gravitational wave physics

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The LIGO Scientific Collaboration Education and Public Outreach group seeks to ameliorate the lack of public understanding of gravitational wave physics. One such effort is Black Hole Pong, a remake of the 1972 arcade classic developed by researchers at University of Birmingham, UK. Black Hole Pong differs from other educational games in that it stretches the laws of physics to make the user experience more exciting. Another effort has been my own work in developing a game called Chickens in Space where players can create mass, which coalesces and eventually forms black holes, which serve as obstacles to the players. I present the results of a set of pre-tests and post-tests from Andrews University and Sheboygan North High School which measure Black Hole Pong’s and Chickens in Space's effectiveness in teaching the concepts and benefits of gravitational wave astronomy.
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Thesis Published by James White Library at Andrews University

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