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The Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators

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13 Oct 2016, 10:36
The two interferometers of the Laser Interferometry Gravitaional-wave Observatory (LIGO) recently detected gravitational waves from the mergers of binary black hole systems. Accurate calibration of the output of these detectors was crucial for the observation of these events, and the extraction of parameters of the sources. The principal tools used to calibrate the responses of the second-generation (Advanced) LIGO detectors to gravitational waves are systems based on radiation pressure and referred to as Photon Calibrators. These systems, which were completely redesigned for Advanced LIGO, include several significant upgrades that enable them to meet the calibration requirements of second-generation gravitational wave detectors in the new era of gravitational-wave astronomy. We report on the design, implementation, and operation of these Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators that are currently providing fiducial displacements on the order of 10E-18 m/sqrt(Hz) with accuracy and precision of better than 1 %.
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Karki, S., et al. "The Advanced LIGO photon calibrators." Review of Scientific Instruments 87.11 (2016): 114503.

Published version of Pcal paper

For Table I and Table II, the relative uncertainty in the Laser power in 0.63% and not 0.57% as seen in the published version. The final uncertainty in Pcal of 0.75% as seen in published version is correct.

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