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Wavelength Tunable Optical Second Harmonic Generation Suitable For Use With The LIGO Squeezer

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The purpose of this experiment was to construct an Optical Second Harmonic Generator (SHG) for advanced LIGO suitable for use with the Squeezer System. The performance of the advanced LIGO interferometers will be fundamentally limited by Shot Noise. One way of reducing shot noise in the output of the interferometer is to squeeze the vacuum state of the electromagnetic field the interferometer sees at its antisymmetric port. Second harmonic generation is necessary for the production of squeezed light. This paper touches upon the theory of squeezing, second harmonic generation, resonant optical cavities, higher-order modes in those cavities, and the Pound-Drever-Hall method. DISCLAIMER: This is only a draft. I have postponed the completion of this paper until after I have applied for graduate school. It has not been peer reviewed.
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