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Simulation Study of DRMI Lock Acquisition

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Lock acquisition is the process of bringing each optic in the interferometer to its operating point. In advanced LIGO, the implementation of the Dual-Recycled Michelson Interferometer (DRMI) adds difficulties to lock acquisition due to the fact that individual cavity length signals
in DRMI are highly non-linear and cross-coupled. In addition, several parameters like the choice of triggering signals, triggering threshold values, and filter shapes that have significant impacts on DRMI lock acquisition have been determined empirically and not well understood. In this project, we develop a numerical simulation of advanced LIGO using the End-To-End time domain module under realistic constrains while acquiring the flexibility of modifying the control system to study the locking behavior under different conditions. Using the simulation, we investigate the influence of possible parameters and search for the optimum method of DRMI lock acquisition.
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SURF 2015 Final Report

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