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Advanced LIGO: The next generation of gravitational wave detectors

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16 Dec 2009, 13:52
Published as Gregory M Harry (for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration) 2010 Class. Quantum Grav. 27 084006 (

The Advanced LIGO gravitational wave detectors are upgrades to the existing initial LIGO detectors which are in the process of being constructed and installed. Advanced LIGO sensitivity is designed to be about a factor 10 better than initial LIGO over a broad band and usable to 10~Hz, in contrast to 40~Hz for initial LIGO. This is expected to allow for detections and significant astrophysics in most categories of gravitational waves. To achieve this sensitivity, all hardware subsystems are being improved. Designs and expected performance are presented for the seismic isolation, suspensions, optics, and laser subsystems. Possible enhancements to Advanced LIGO, either to resolve problems that may occur and/or to allow for improved performance, are now being researched. Some of these enhancements are discussed along with some potential technology being considered for detectors beyond Advanced LIGO.

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