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GW Cloud: Executive Summary

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Over the past three years, the field of astrophysics has been revolutionized by the discovery of gravitational waves from merging black holes and inspiralling neutron stars. The raw data from these discoveries is publicly available. However, in order to extract the most interesting scientific results, the data must be analyzed using specialized Bayesian inference tools. The technical nature of Bayesian inference has limited the impact of publicly available data. We propose GW Cloud a public database for the Bayesian inference data products derived from gravitational-wave data. GW Cloud will enable breakthroughs by making gravitational-wave astronomy more accessible, facilitating research by scientists with diverse skill sets and interests. It will enhance the science output of gravitational-wave astronomers by consolidating the Bayesian inference data products used for so much of our research into an easy-to-use, reliable database. There are four components to \gwcloud: the database, workflow management, enabling new science, and outreach.
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