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LIGO: how to manage and make available very large amount of data for a multimessenger science

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13 Jun 2022, 17:28
09 Jun 2022, 08:01
Talk about LIGO data for OECD Workshop

June 15, 2022

Public gravitational wave data: the last mile

The last mile problem in transportation describes the challenge of connecting people's homes to dense networks of transportation, such as subway systems. When creating a public data release, we have a similar last mile problem. A community of experts relies on a dense network of colleagues and resources to understand and utilize data from LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA. If we want our public data release to be useable by a large, diverse audience, we need to create solutions that connect non-experts to this network of resources. This talk will explore solutions like workshops, web apps, and message boards to solve the last mile problem to support public data releases.

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