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GW151226 sky localization graphics for press release

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LALinference sky localizations of three O1 binary black hole signals: GW150914, LVT151012, and GW151226. The three events were localized to 90% credible areas of about 600, 1600, and 1000 deg2 respectively. Also shown are examples of simulated BAYESTAR localizations of these events with Advanced Virgo (BNS range 36 Mpc). For these examples, the hypothetical additional Virgo data would shrink the 90% credible areas to 10-20, 1000, and 600 deg2 respectively. The background is Mellinger's optical image of the Milky Way at the time of GW151226 (in other words, all three sky localizations are shifted to the sidereal time of GW151226). Note that the localizations of GW150914 and LVT151012 wrap around the celestial sphere, so the sky map is shown with a translucent sky dome. The font is Source Sans Pro Light.

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When using any of these image, please acknowledge: "LIGO/Leo Singer (Milky Way image: Axel Mellinger)"

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