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P150914 Figure 1

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This is Fig. 1, in PDF format, from the PRL, along with corresponding ASCII data in a zip file. Note that, as in the figure and as explained in its caption, the ASCII files contained filtered data.

* fig1-observed-H.txt # H1 observed
* fig1-observed-L.txt # L1 observed
* fig1-waveform-H.txt # Numerical relativity (H1)
* fig1-waveform-L.txt # Numerical relativity (L1)
* fig1-residual-H.txt # Residual (H1)
* fig1-residual-L.txt # Residual (L1)

* fig1-observed-shifted-inverted-H.txt #Shift and invert to align H1, L1 data
* fig1-template-reconstruction-H.txt #Template reconstruction (H1)
* fig1-template-reconstruction-L.txt #Template reconstruction (L1)
* fig1-wavelet-reconstruction-H.txt #Wavelet reconstruction (H1)
* fig1-wavelet-reconstruction-L.txt #Wavelet reconstruction (L1)

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