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Recovering hardware injections in LIGO s5 data

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The LIGO Open Science Center is preparing to release the LIGO archival data set to the public, and is developing software, tutorials, cookbooks, wikis, and teaching materials that guide the user through working with the data. We create and document a worked-out example of accessing and analyzing the LIGO Open Data Set to search for compact-binary-coalescence signals. To do so, we generate compact-binary-coalescence templates using well-modeled waveforms and perform a matched-filter search to identify LIGO hardware injections. We test for accuracy by comparing the injection signal-to-noise ratio we detect to the signal-to-noise ratio we expect to find. Of the 1492 injections that we expect to recover, 24 are not found by our search, and we recover 6 of the 142 injections we expect to be absent from the data, according to injection documentation made at the time of data collection.
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held on 20 Aug 2013

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