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Education and Public Outreach: Skills and Media

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A primary requirement of scientific research is to disseminate results. While scientists primarily view the audience of their research to be scientific peers, it is the public (often a main source of funding) who has the most to gain from the application of this new knowledge. Therefore, it is also a responsibility of scientists to engage the public with active scientific research and researchers through education and outreach efforts. However, it can be difficult to find education and public outreach outlets that are appropriate to personal skills and availability. This presentation outlines the speaker's experiences at the LIGO Science Education Center, co-located at the Livingston observatory, and lessons learned on how to engage students and the general public in person and through internet outlets. Various media one can use to engage the public in their research will be discussed as well as ways to interact respectfully with those whose worldview conflicts with their research.
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For session C8 - Education and Public Outreach on Gravitational Wave Astronomy

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