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Effect of inclusion sub-dominant modes of gravitational-waves emitted from binary black hole mergers measured by a gravitational-wave burst search algorithm

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The gravitational-waves emitted from the merger of binary black holes can be expressed, as the dominant quadrupole modes, and sub-dominant higher order modes, in the spin-weighted spherical harmonics basis. Until now all the gravitational-wave searches that were conducted have utilized only the signal morphology of the dominant quadrupole modes for the interpretation of the search results. It is qualitatively known that these sub-dominant modes can be crucial for certain source orientations and source parameters of the binary black holes [1]. Recently an analytical family of binary black holes gravitational-wave signal became available [2]. We present a study quantifying the effect of the sub-dominant modes on the expected signal-to-noise ratio measured by a morphology-independent gravitational-wave burst search.
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