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Magnetic Coupling to Suspension Magnets

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We explore some of the possibilities for magnetic coupling to suspensions, using BSC-ISI Actuators affecting a QUAD Top Stage as an example.
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Notes and Changes:
- (Slide 11) Changed description of ISI coil actuators now that I understand them better
- (Slide 16) Fixed units on field gradient requirement
- (Slide 21) Corrected, and made more explicit, the calculation of magnetic force, which changed / lowered the final answer (but only by a factor of a few, well within the order of magnitude estimates). Also split force into separate calculation for L and V, given different magnet arrangement.
- (Slide 18-19), Updated with corrected force, see above.
- Added / filled out conclusions.
- Added slides to part 3 for more detail
* (Slide 32) includes dimensions of ISI actuators
* (Slide 34) added reference to Robert Schofields work
- (Slide 36) Shows updated dipole field model, with less turns (518 -> 440) and smaller area (0.2x0.1 m^2 -> 9" x 1") more representative of the large actuator coil itself vs. the housing. (Measurement is unchanged).

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