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Multiwavelength Astronomy: Examples of Astronomy Observations Made with Different Kinds of Light

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This is a slide show that shows images with the purpose of illustrating multiwavelength astronomy.

Part 1: Images of Centaurus A in different EM bands, including a key to where each EM band is on the spectrum. Concludes with a summary comparing the composite image to the visual and comparing the scale of Cen A on the sky to the full Moon.

Part 2: Images of Venus in different EM bands to show their different penetrating power. Includes a key to where each EM band is on the spectrum.

Part 3: Video analogy of musical octaves as EM bands and what "Ode to Joy" would sound like when restricted to a single octave. This is accompanied by images of the Sun in analogous bands.
-> This video is from Seeing the Whole Symphony by David Helfand (

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Added parts 2 & 3.
Added the spectrum key to parts 1 & 2.
Video in part 3 is not available in the PDF version.

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